Tuesday, 30 November 2010

New Video Tutorials for Webmapping viewer

Several small video tutorials have been created to help users when viewing the Infomar Webmapping viewer. The tutorials can be accessed from the Help section of the webmapping viewer, go to http://geos.marine.ie/Infomar and click on Help in top left of page, next click on the Video Tutorials link in the help.

These tutorials cover the following functions that a user may wish to perform:
- View various layers in the map
- Using the navigation tools to zoom in/out and move around the map
- Using the other tools available such as the Magnifier, Identify, Measure and Overview Map tools
- Using the Identify tool to download a chart or shipwreck pdf

Other tutorials are available to demonstrate how to download the data shown in the viewer from the Interactive Web Data Delivery system. These tutorials show:
- How to download the bathymetry data as an ArcGIS grid
- How to download the shaded relief and backscatter data as geotiff images

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