Thursday, 5 November 2009

RV Keary progress in Dublin Bay

Since late July, the Geological Survey of Ireland's new survey vessel, RV Keary has been making steady progress in completing the shallow water areas of Dublin Bay on survey leg KRY09_02 that were not covered by previous surveys by the Celtic Voyager. The main areas of surveying have been concentrated close to the coastline around inner Dublin Bay and on top of the shallowest areas of the Kish Bank, surveying at high spring tides to ensure safest draught clearance.

RV Keary surveying the seabed south of Dun Laoghaire in August. (Click for larger image)

To date the vessel has been operating during daylight, in weather conditions of sea state 4 or less as data quality is reduced beyond these weather conditions. Currently the crew of 4 are sufficient to perform all operation and scientific duties onboard. Weather permitting it is hoped to complete Dublin Bay by end of 2009. The RV Keary coverage will be added to by the Celtic Voyager which will be surveying in the Dublin Bay/North of Howth area in late November/early December 2009.

Overall coverage achieved by RV Keary in Dublin Bay to date. (Click for larger image)

Multibeam echosounder shaded relief image of the shallowest ridge of the Kish Bank. (Click for larger image)

Multibeam echosounder shaded relief image of the Rossbeg Bank located south east of the Baily on Howth Head. (Click for larger image)

RV Keary returning to Dun Laoghaire marina after another day of successful surveying. (Click for larger image)

More information about the RV Keary can be found here.

All INFOMAR data is available for free download here.